Apologies for neglecting this poor thing for so long. Got distracted with trying to find work, preparing for law school, getting a job in Colorado, moving to Colorado, training and then working.

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying my job and my stay in Colorado. I work for Vail Ski Resort on the venerable #19 ‘Eagle Bahn’ Gondola. I say venerable because they got a new one. Which is running swimmingly now so do not believe anyone who says otherwise. Working as a gondolier, as a supervisor described us, is unique. Working with people who very way may have never put their skis on before, trying to figure out how to load their gear on a 3000+ pound cabin and the fact that we have a massive screen displaying a GoPro video does not help concentration. We see the same people every morning, ready for first chair at 8:30 and try to manage to create reasonable groups to load into each cabin when we are busy. Small aside here, the singles line is for people skiing alone or groups who are completely willing to be divided up and won’t complain because of it.

Mild annoyances, physical strain and occasional exhausting hours aside, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. This is not my best piece of writing but I wanted to give a small update so this doesn’t completely die.

I’ll come up with something better as soon as I can.

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