I graduated from The Evergreen State College almost a month ago now. March 15th, 2012 out in Red Square thankfully without a cap and gown, the idea of being under a polyester poncho in that heat was not appealing. My dad took pictures and wrote a nice piece here. Rick Steves spoke and I got the shake his hand. I had spent the rest of that week in Seattle visiting friends and relatives. Saw my aunt, uncle and cousin and my oldest friends. Got introduced to Crusader Kings II, which is stupidly fun and difficult. Went to the aquarium, generally hung out and enjoyed myself in Seattle. It was really nice to be in an area that was cool and damp as opposed to Central Oregon which is dry and hot, which I find unpleasant.

I took the LSAT that Monday, the 11th at the UW. While everyone else did that calm-panic nonsense I sprawled out on a bench and took a nap. Afterwards I felt confident in my performance and I recent found out my score, which was slightly above average. Currently planning on trying again in October and aiming for a score closer to 160.

Speaking of law school my mom told me to read an article in the ABA Journal about law schools. You can find here. The article brings up some interesting points and I agreed with the thesis. I have never been a fan of the idea that because you come from a particular school, place or family and somehow that means you are better than someone else. I am elitist in my own ways though I try to keep it in the realm of things that do not matter, mainly video games. But otherwise I do not care where you came from or who spawned you when working with you. I do care about how competent you are, but since feudalism is dead I do not care what House you came from. And I have felt that going to an old and expensive university is not proof of competence or intelligence. Though it appears the law profession is having that problem. You go to Harvard or Yale or some other school founded by some dead Protestant dude seems to open doors for you. Never mind how good you are outside of an academy which a study discussed in the article seems to show that if you do well getting into a “good” law school (high LSAT scores and first year law school GPA) seems to correlate more with incompetence in reality than anything else. Which I enjoy endlessly. Still it appears that this is a problem in the profession I plan to enter. Maybe I’ll do the Evergreen thing and fix it.

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