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I should have posted weeks ago but I couldn’t be bothered to be honest. I told myself I will finish and send in my Summative Evaluation to Evergreen by the end of April. The Summative Evaluation is what it sounds like, an evaluation of my entire experience at Evergreen. I managed to write some of my first draft the last week I was at Evergreen. Here it is

I came to Evergreen back in 2008 with some goals in mind. I knew I wanted to study economics and I wanted to study history. I had always enjoyed learning about history beginning almost a decade before I came to Evergreen. Economics had become a recent subject of interest of mine in the months before I matriculated to Evergreen.

I began my college career by enrolling in a year long program entitled “Looking Backward: America in the 20th Century” which combined both those subjects through the study of the United States starting in the last decade of the 19th century until the last decade of the 20th. It was there that I got my first formal introduction to economics and a truly in depth study of the United States. I believe this program set the tone of my studies here at Evergreen. The dynamic I experienced in the seminar I enjoyed immensely and I endeavored to find or create similar experiences in future programs.

My sophomore year began with my first economics-focused program, Understanding the Economic Crisis. It was a rather topical program, as it occurred in the middle of the global economic crisis in 2008-2009. It was there that I truly began my college level writing career. The program took place over two quarters and I wrote two papers with a group on the economic situation in Asia and Europe in each respective quarter. In both I opted to write on the historical background that led up to the crises, I always tried to keep history and economics in all my studies. These first projects were admittedly far from my best. However I believe that they were the first steps on my path to realizing that I had an affinity for writing and that I want to pursue and nurture that affinity.

I ended my sophomore year in the program Stalin: Legacy in Stone, Steel & Blood. I had never studied Russian history or Stalin-era Soviet history before, beyond reading a few books on the Eastern Front in the Second World War. I found this program to be a fascinating study in how a society can allow true evil reign. The program also taught me a great deal about the mindset of Russians. It is easy to assume that Russians are like any other European people, but they are vast different and have a much longer history than the United States. I tried to incorporate economics into this history program through my research project. I sought to explore the economics of the Stalin regime. I was able to achieve this with mixed results.

My junior started with what I consider was my favorite program here at Evergreen. The first two quarters of this program were by far some of the best times of my

I was thinking that when I had finished it I would post it here and see if anyone had any suggestions for me. It is not much at the moment. The basic requirement is that it is approximately 2 pages long, though the headers and footers that are on the Evergreen Evaluation forms take up a bit of space and the end result will be a page and a half or so. Anyway, if you happen to have some suggestions feel free to contact me. I will post updated versions as I continue to work on it. Hopefully once I get this done I might have some other things to write about. Posting for the sake of posting doesn’t accomplish anything other than waste of my time and whoever has the misfortune to wander upon it.

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