Media, Entertainment & Theft

I got into an argument the other week. I realized later I should not have fought it for various reasons. It was with a roommate, a friend of a roommate and myself. We were arguing about video game piracy. I maintained that it was theft and theft is theft. I realized later that I should have just let it go, one because it accomplished nothing, two because I had an easy out with my other roommate trying to mediate, three I was arguing from hypocrisy, I do not always pay (or pay in full) for all the media I consume, and four because all I succeeded in doing is angering my friend. There is not much point in arguing against piracy, it is going to happen. Can try to curb it, though the most recent attempt seemed to be poorly thought out. I would think it would be smarter for producers of media to just make it easier to get things legally. A good example of how one of them did not is this.

I thought I would have more to write about this, but I don’t, apologies. I’ll try to work on that.

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