So for the past year or so I thought I wanted to go to law school and I prepared for it. I took a LSAT prep course, took the LSAT and applied to schools. I got accepted to a few schools and decided on one due to its rank and cost. However the cost of going to that school went up by quite a bit when I received some news.

I gave it some thought and I have decided that I do not want to go to law school nor be a lawyer.

The reason I wanted to go to law school is unclear to me. Kind of a whim. It was not developed fully or considered completely before now. But I prefer to think of the news I received as a positive.* It prevented the potential disaster of wasting time and money and then discovering that I hate it. The task before me now is to figure out what to do. I plan to reflect on my experiences at Evergreen and as a Lift Operator. Figure out what I enjoyed about both of them, what I did well, what I could not stand about it and what I could have done better.

I would write more if I had more to say and if typing was easier. It is hard to type when you have three broken bones in your left hand.

*- I apologize for the elusiveness but I have my reasons for it.

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